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Monday, March 15, 2004

Career Change
Seeing Starsky and Hutch last night got me to thinking more and more about what the heck it is I am supposed to be doing in this world. Now that it is March 15, I am betting that I have somewhere between 7 and 15 weeks left at my current occupation. I've been looking for jobs in Knoxville, but most of it has been the standard monster.com stuff and that rarely leads anywhere, at least for me. And nothing seems real exciting, same old Senior Financial Analyst/Cost Accounting Manager bullshit that I have always been sending resumes to.

Maybe its time to make a complete change. My entire post-MBA career has been a lot more like this (me being the guy on the right), than it has been like this. I mean, 20 years ago I thought I'd be living like this guy (except for the pants), not like this. Maybe I should have been a cop. That seems like where all the action is.

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