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Friday, March 12, 2004

Apprentice Update
On this week's episode, Trump had the teams compete against each other in the cut-throat world of Rickshaws. After an 8 hour day of carting passengers around, the team with the most money would win. Bill took the lead on Versacorp and Troy volunteered to lead the thinned out ranks of Protege.

Only a couple of things to note on this weeks episode: That Amy is pretty bright. She had an "outside the box" idea of selling advertising on the Rickshaws to some of the business contacts that they had made in NYC. Well, actually not outside the box, since there are only so many ways to make revenue from a Rickshaw, but she was the first one to think of it. Also, like I mentioned before, that Katrina is way too full of herself. Any time someone says "I didn't get to be as successful as I am by..." just ignore everything that comes out of their mouth from that point on. Bill Rancic was very diplomatic listening to Katrina complain and I don't think I would have been as patient with her. She will be gone soon.

But this time it was Heidi's turn to get fired. I don't think her heart was in this anymore after her Mom got sick and you can understand that. Troy was right about her, she is just a salesman; and if you are a good enough salesman, that's all you'll ever need to be. But she wasn't a leader, or at least wasn't on the show, and she's not quite as easy on the eyes as some of the other folks. And should be a lesson to you kids out there, because she is a smoker. Coincidence?

I actually missed a good chunk of this weeks episode because I got a call at 9:15 that was "out of area", but for some reason I answered it--and it was a collect call from my wife, who was out running at the time. So, I figured I should probably accept the charges. I answered and she said, "Dave, I lost your keys. They must of fell out of my pocket." When she runs, which she does a lot (marathoner) she will drive closer to campus (U VA) where it is more well lit and she usually takes my car because she has a Jeep with the soft top, and keeps a bunch of crap in there that she doesn't want to get stolen. So I had to find the spare set of keys and go pick her up. No big deal, but I missed a crucial 20 minutes of the show, so my analysis might be incomplete.

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