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Thursday, March 11, 2004

American Cars
Via Instapundit, this blurb about the reliability of American cars:
Our latest survey of subscribers' experiences with their cars shows that vehicles from Detroit's Big Three automakers are now slightly more reliable, on average, than those from European makers. They also tend to hold up better than the European makes as time passes. It's the first time in decades that U.S. cars have done so well.
Apparently there is still a ways to go to get up to the reliability of Japanese carmakers, but this seems significant; unless it is because the European reliability has slipped vis-a-vis American automakers. The whole article is here.

Anyway, my Dad always bought American cars when we were growing up, and we were always at the GM or Chrysler dealer getting something fixed, or stranded somewhere waiting for a towtruck. Based on my initial driving experience in mid '80s, the people who drove Hondas never had an excuse to be late for school because their car wouldn't start. I vowed to never buy an American car when I got old enough.

The Big 3 lost a generation of kids by putting out the crap that we saw in late '70s through the '80s; my formative years. I wonder if the kids now will start thinking American cars are cool like they were in the '50s and '60s?

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