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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Don't Stand So Close To Me
This story seems to be making the rounds in Chicago, about Coach Robert Mueller having an affair with a student. Bob Mueller is currently (or was, if this is true) the head basketball coach at Hinsdale Central. However back when he had hair, he was also my Physics teacher in 1986-87 and an assistant coach at Marian Catholic High School.

Marian was probably his first job out of college, and the thing I remember about him was that he was still a great athlete at the time. I specifically remember one day during baseball practice he was hitting us some towering fly balls with a fungo bat and it was pretty amazing. He was about 6'2" or 6'3", looking at his mug shot, but he could dunk, which I thought was pretty impressive. I'd hate to see the guy go to jail if this was consensual, since he seemed like a nice enough guy. But there is a reason they call it jailbait, so if this is true, he knew he was playing with fire.

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