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Friday, March 05, 2004

Adios Omarosa
So this time, Trump had the teams try to sell some art. They got to choose the artist, but didn't really have all that much to choose from. Versacorp, which was led by Nick this time, smartly went with a pretty good artist that made somewhat interesting earth-tone splotches of paint, the kind of thing that you might put above your fireplace. Protege, led by Kwame, made a mistake by picking an artist that had some disturbing looking pieces that I would be uncomfortable hanging in my closet, but were purported to be selling at a pretty high price point, like $4000.

In the end Versacorp ended up selling 8 pieces for 13 grand, and Protege got destroyed by selling just one of those weird things at $895. So Kwame chose Heidi and Omarosa to join him in the boardroom. Omarosa in this instance had a pretty good case for staying around, because she didn't want to pick the artist that Versacorp ultimately chose. But, being true to herself, she still ended up proving that she wasn't a team player, a hard worker or a pleasant person to be around. Trump has been stringing her out for awhile, and decided that it was her time to go. He even said "Omarosa had a huge chip on her shoulder, she felt she was superior to the other people." Despite her mid-boardroom breakdown, when her time came she left quietly and respectfully.

Omarosa quite possibly is a psychopath. I've met people like her and you just can't connect; its all about them. Which is why in some way, I'm surprised she's gone, because that definitely makes her CEO material.

So now we are left with 8 and with the exception of Nick and maybe Heidi, the rest are pretty decent people.

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