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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

TV Notes
The Littlest Groom: I had no intention of watching this one, but since I usually watch Fox from 7PM - 8PM (Friends/Seinfeld), when I came back in the room it was on. I had originally thought that this wasn't going to be a good thing for Fox, since it seemed like they would end up making fun of little people, or at least give the appearance that they were making fun, but that wasn't really the case. It is hard to say, "little people can't have a bachelor-type show, because that would be making fun of them", because then they would never have a bachelor-type show, and that would wrong too. I think they did a good job of making the people seem real without making fun: Glen, the bachelor in this, is actually a pretty good looking dude and he seems cooler than any of the average-sized bachelors that have been on reality TV.

Of course, the twist in this is that they bring in a bunch of average-sized model types that Glen now gets to choose from. It was kind of sad to see the look on the girl's faces change, because for awhile in the mansion everybody was small and then suddenly reality came back. Although I would be surprised if he picked a tall chick, because he already mentioned to one of the girls that he would love to be in a family of little people because his parents and siblings are of average height. Thankfully there is only one more episode of this, so it will be resolved soon.

My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance: Somebody told me this was hilarious, so I decided to watch it this week. But this episode was really serious because Randi told her family about the wedding, which is in 3 days, and everybody was upset. I'm not sure I buy it. Come one, there are a bunch of TV cameras around. You would have to be an idiot to not wonder if something was up, and that maybe you should just trust your sister's judgment on this one. Randi's siblings are complete assholes if they don't support her, especially that older brother, who is a frickin' crybaby.

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