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Friday, February 13, 2004

Apprentice Update
Too bad for Jessie. This was a tough call for Trump and I don't know if he made the right one. Jessie was obviously patronizing in her negotiation with Isaac Mizrahi, but I don't think she had a lot of experience with that kind of thing. And by the way, could Omarosa be any more of a bitch?

Trump is a pretty good judge of character. He knows that Omarosa is evil and will get rid of her in time. He sensed weakness in poor Jessie and I think he was right that she didn't stick up for herself and may be too young. She looks a little too young and for awhile, kind of reminded me of a young Winona Ryder, like in "Heathers" or "Great Balls of Fire". It was funny to watch Heidi take Omarosa's insults when the whole team was together, obviously because she though Omarosa wouldn't pick her for the other 2. In the end when she did get picked, she suddenly decided that she was insulted. Trump picked up on this sudden change of tune and I think he lost respect for her.

It wasn't a bad episode, I was expecting these to start getting boring, but they put some celebs in this one to make it more interesting. But I think it is going to be difficult to keep this thing exciting for 10 more episodes.

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