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Saturday, February 14, 2004

I really like Buzznet. Even though I only occasionally post a picture or two there, I like to see what other people are posting. There is such a diverse group of people who post pictures at Buzznet, many of them talented photographers, but mostly just people who like to take pictures and share them with friends and strangers. Commenting on pictures is encouraged (I think) and they are appreciated; even a "Cool pic", or "Great shot" lets you know that someone took the time to look and was interested in what you posted. A lot of the pictures are mundane, but they all give you a glimpse into someone else's world, and many of the people who post there are from different countries. I once commented on a Brazilian's pictures in Spanish, a language a sort of know, however, not knowing (or remembering) that they speak Portuguese in Brazil. I am so worldly.

Anyway, last night I was sort of drunk and I saw a picture from someone whose only personal info was that they were from Albania. Here is the comment that I posted, which is the only thing I know about Albania:
"Albania! Albania! You border on the Adriatic. Your land is mostly mountainous, And your chief export is chrome."
I hope everyone knows the reference. I mean, Cheers must be in syndication everywhere by now. Remember Coach? He has been gone now for 19 years.

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