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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Saturday Night Live
My friend Scott Hess over at Blindcamel, has a great list of Saturday Night Live "Best and Worsts". It appears surprisingly well-researched for a "quick, off-the-cuff take".

I agree with most of Scott's list, especially that Will Ferrell was better than any of his predecessors and is probably the funniest man out there today. Here are some additions: Despite the inclusion of Will Ferrell, the "Night at the Roxbury" recurring characters were extremely overdone, Eddie Murphy belongs in the best players list, Paul Simon is a Best Guest Host, because you get music too and the "First Citiwide Change Bank" commercial (text here) was hilarious when it aired. (Although a lot of the skits lose their punch when seen multiple times, which Comedy Central and E! allow you to do).

I still like SNL, even though it usually sucks, but I am kind of a sucker for sketch comedy.

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