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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Die Hard: And How I Decided to Stop Being Afraid
One day a couple of years ago, I was sitting around the office, bored out of my mind, trying to get up the nerve to go talk to the CEO and tell him that I was bored and wanted a to do something with a little more responsibility. His office was right around a the corner and we were always friendly, but not really friends, even though he had hired me. I was nervous about going into his office, feeling that maybe his time was too important for me to be bothering him with this.

For some reason, the movie "Die Hard" had been on cable almost every day for a month, and since I love that movie I could just about watch it every time. I thought about the kind of shit that John McClane had to deal with in that movie and wondered how he would act in my situation. First of all its kind of hard to imagine John McClane as a cube dwelling consultant, but if by some twist of fate instead of going into law enforcement he somehow ended up in e-commerce, he wouldn't sit around and let things happen. He would make things happen. If you are the kind of guy who can bring down a dozen or so Euro-trash terrorists and save an office full of people in the Nakatomi Tower, its unlikely that you are be the kind of guy that sits in his cube and wonders whether it is OK to ask his boss for a little more to do. Then I did an IMDB search on "Die Hard" and "Bruce Willis". Bruce Willis was 32 when they filmed Die Hard, so that meant that John McClane was 32 when he saved all those people. I was 32 at the time. So maybe I should just quit being such a wuss and walk into his office. And that's what I did.

Update: You know Die Hard was on FX the night I wrote this, which is kind of odd. I must have sensed it.

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