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Friday, January 30, 2004

The Apprentice
I watched "The Apprentice" again last night. This week's objective was to see which team could increase sales the most at the Planet Hollywood in Times Square, compared to the sales results on that same day last year. So once again, something that the girls could win easily by leveraging their assets, which they have gotten quite good at. The girls were up first and decided that the bar was the place to be so they basically won wearing tight shirts and coaxing guys into doing shots with them. I'm not sure what those shots cost, but I would be close to $10 bucks a pop since anything at Planet Hollywood cost $2 more than it should and since they are in NYC.

The guys seemed pretty unmotivated this time but I was impressed with Bill Rancic, the cigar store owner from Chicago, he seemed like he had some leadership skills. Kwame, with his Harvard MBA wasn't quite as impressive, but he showed the kind of creativity and questionable ethics that I'm sure he picked up at HBS. He put a table down in front of Planet Hollywood and started signing T-Shirts and other stuff for customers: "Get a shirt signed by Kwame Jackson!" Who knows, I probably would have wondered, "Kwame Jackson" sounds like he'd be famous for something and he looks like it too. Trump ended up firing Bowie, but only because he was in charge of the bar and failed to produce. Once again, Trump comes across like a pretty good guy in this. He actually seems to feel bad when he fires these guys and always says something like, "That was a tough decision, I really liked him and think he will do well."

The teaser for this episode is that they girls were supposed to get in trouble for using sex to win all of these challenges. But the only thing that happens is that Trump and his henchman and henchwoman get the girls together and say that a president in his company can't get ahead that way. And that was pretty much it. Since the boys team has been reduced to 4, they have to mix the teams up, so at least it will be a fair fight going forward.

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