just procrastinating

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I just saw that Liberty Mutual commercial again and thought, you know maybe I should switch all of my insurance to them. Well not really, but jees, every time I see that I well up like schoolgirl. It's this one, where people are going about their day and they see somebody help out someone else and kind of pass it along. It's a nice idea, and the song is really what does it, which, I've learned is called "Half Acre" by Hem.

Also, I stll laugh at that commercial for Chicken Fries at BK. This is the one where there is some race pit guy whose job is to pass the chicken fries to the driver at pit stops, and they go into the history of passing chicken to the driver. Originally, the would just use big pole and they would stick a whole chicken on it, which would then be passed to the driver. And then they show an example of this in the commercial, but the chicken never makes it through, it just stays stuck on the pole. It's brilliant.

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