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Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Baby/TV
In addition to our first born child Zoey our household was recently blessed with a brand new HDTV! We ended up going with this one from Sony, which while not the highest ranked nor the cheapest, it was the best choice for us in a Greg Brady/Johnny Bravo kind of way, in that it fit the best in our built-in bookcase.

We haven't had a new TV in a while so were pretty easily able to rationalize this purchase. But, since it was such a big purchase we also collapsed several holiday gifts into one which is something that I'm sure everyone does that I'm calling "gift slashing". So for me this was a Father's Day/Birthday/Christmas present, where you actually say the word "slash" in between for effect. Of course, when my birthday comes around, I'll expect something, but it will just be some trinket or other, since this TV already covered it.

Another thing about the new TV that might be a caveat to potential buyers out there. One of my big selling points for getting a new big TV was my belief that when you have a big HDTV in your house, every day is better than the one before. And that was very true for the first day, and then the next few as well. But after that, things sort of fell back into place so that by the fifth day or so things were more or less back to normal, except that I can now read the tickers on CNBC from the kitchen.

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