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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hit Me
Did anyone watch that Hit Me Baby One More Time last night? I missed it last week, but caught it last night and am going to have to keep watching it. This week they had The Knack (My Sharona), Tommy Tutone (867-5309), Haddaway (What is Love?), The Motels (Only The Lonely), and Vanilla Ice (Ice, Ice...).

I was interested in seeing how the Knack held up after 25 years, and you know, they look and pretty much sound the same. The did a cover of Jet's "Are you gonna be my girl" which was pretty accurate, although maybe lacking the oomph of the original. (Did you know oomph is a word?)

Tommy Tutone never seemed like a very talented bunch in the first place, and they didn't impress. Haddaway? Well whatever, all that guy does is sing. And that wasn't all that long ago was it? The Motels sounded fine, although the lead singer is looking a little grandmotherly to me. But, I guess she was probably in her early 30s back then, so do the math.

I've seen Vanilla Ice on some shows since his cheeseball days, and he came out all thin and tattooed, looking a bit like Eminem, and sounding like him as well. His version of "Ice, Ice Baby" deviated a bit from the original in that he played it a little more modern, and it sounded--well maybe I was a little sleepy so don't hold me to it--but it sounded pretty good. He won over the crowd with his version of "Survivor" by Destiny's Child and ended up winning.

I kind of walked away with, perhaps not a new respect for, but at least an appreciation of Vanilla Ice for being able to build some kind of life after this. I think most ordinary people, once they realized what a horrible, repugnant thing that they had unleashed upon the world would just curl up into a ball and die of shame. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to just slough that off, laugh at it and move on.

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