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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I finally got around to seeing the final(?) Star Wars while I was in Denver. I was expecting great things from this movie, and I'd say I wasn't disappointed. I probably won't run out and see it again, but I do kind of want to watch III and IV back to back at some point. It was kind of fun to see Lucas try to tie up some loose ends: like erasing C3POs memory.

The critics were right about the scenes with Anakin and Padame. They were just a little too silly to sit through. Every time the 2 of them were together I got a little antsy. But these scenes were useful to me, since I only have a 2 hour bladder and the movie was a little long for me. But that's a shame because I could spend all day looking at Natalie Portman, if she would just shut up already.

Spoiler Alert: I'm still trying to figure out why Obi-Wan didn't finish the job with Anakin. He sure cut him up real good and then watched him burn, but what? He couldn't kill him? Jees, the humanitarian thing to do would be to put the guy out of his misery. Maybe he just couldn't bring himself to kill his young Padawan? I don't know, I'll just let that one go.

Also, I got a problem with some of the technology in the Star Wars universe. Why can't they figure out a way to get a good 3D holgram without all the static? Every time we see those bluish holograms they keep breaking up with static. You'd think that one wouldn't be too hard to figure out. There are other things as well: the traffic on Coruscant, the first battle sequence that had those big space ships fighting like old battle ships--side by side. Anyway, still a good movie.

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