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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Getting Slower
Here is an internal dialog I had today that shows how mentally slow I have gotten from four months of unemployment. I had just seen bumper sticker that said:

What? Your boss is a Jewish carpenter? Why would you have a bumper sticker that says that? What, do Jewish carpenters do something different from ordinary carpenters? Maybe the woodwork is different, but that seems odd to me, you would think I would have heard of that by now.

And that's a pretty nice car for someone who must be a carpenter's apprentice. I could see if you were the contractor and owned the business, but that's a nice car for someone who must make like ten bucks an hour. His wife must work, and she probably makes enough money to afford a car like that. Didn't I just see something on Oprah about white collar wives and blue collar husbands? It's probably one of those deals.


Oh, I get it, a Jewish carpenter.

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