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Thursday, August 26, 2004

This article strikes me as being a bit false. It talks about how micromanging may be coming back:
Bruce Tulgan, founder and president of Rainmaker Thinking, a New Haven-based consulting and training firm, believes it's high time to bring it (micromanaging) back. "At some point, the 'nice guy' manager came into fashion, and bosses started being afraid to act like bosses," he says. "But when we ask employees what they want from the people above them, the first thing they mention is never a raise. It's always more coaching, more guidance, clearer goals, more constructive criticism, and more recognition for achievements." The star performers in any organization always want a certain degree of autonomy and flexibility, of course. "But it turns out that the only managers who succeed in giving their best people flexibility are those managers who are highly engaged and hands-on and demand strict accountability for results," says Tulgan. "So who are the real 'nice guy' managers? Is 'micromanagement' a red herring?"
I'm gonna say that it isn't coming back. Everyone wants guidance, coaching, clearer goals, etc. but that sounds more like management. Micromanagement is when you have someone looking over your shoulder and checking up on you every step of the way, which, after a short time becomes incredible annoying and patronizing. I've personally always been more effective under the "nice guy" manager, who tough guy Bruce Tulgan (above), seems to resent. But then, what the hell do I know.

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