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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why you been acting so messed up towards me?
Drudge is reporting the following call from Kerry to Robert "Friar Tuck" Brant, one of the swift boat bets:
KERRY: "Why are all these swift boat guys opposed to me?"

BRANT: "You should know what you said when you came back, the impact it had on the young sailors and how it was disrespectful of our guys that were killed over there."

[Brant had two men killed in battle.]

KERRY: "When we dedicated swift boat one in '92, I said to all the swift guys that I wasn't talking about the swifties, I was talking about all the rest of the veterans."

Kerry then asked if he could meet Brant ["You were one of the best"] -- man to man -- face to face.

Brant declined the invite, explaining that Kerry was obviously not prepared to correct the record on exactly what happened during Vietnam and what happened when Kerry came back.
So 20 years later, when he was confronted by them, he said "I was talking about those other dudes." That's bravery.

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