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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Remember back in the late 70s when people were starving in Cambodia? I seem to recall back in grade school getting this little box and collecting change for Unicef that was supposed to go to the Cambodian refugees. Anyway, that's what I remember about Cambodia. John Kerry seems to remember some other things about Cambodia, and it's looking like they aren't exactly true.

Instapundit is doing a good job of following this story. The bottom line appears to be Kerry testified that he was in Cambodia during Christmas of 1968, but it's looking like he probably just made that up to bolster his case. I guess this just confirms my feelings about the guy, that he is a blowhard who needs to pad his resume and lie about his accomplishments, because...well, he's better than us. At least George Bush's "lies" (if you can call them that) are lies of omission or misinformed judgement, rather than outright deceit.

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