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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Good Movie
In my household, whenever my wife has control of the remote, the surfing stops for two reasons: 1) any period piece circa 1880-1920, or 2) the actors have accents. Last night she stopped on Bend It Like Beckham which was on HBO, and I decided to sit though it, if only because it stars Keira Knightley (the hot chick from Pirates of the Caribbean). Anyway, it was a great feel good movie, and one that I would not otherwise have seen.

The movie is about this girl Jess who is a a Sikh Indian and is a very talented soccer player (which they call football). Her family is very traditional and don't like that she is out doing that kind of thing, and want her to be more like her sister, etc. Anyway, it was very funny an English sort of way, and since it is on HBO, it will probably be on every day for the next month.

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