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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Blame the Media
Athletes need to learn how to deal with the media better. Most folks can't stand when reporters hassle people with inane questions, and would gladly side with the athletes if they stated their case better. Here is Tim Montgomery blaming everyone else for his loss and losing my sympathy in the process:
Even as Montgomery gazed at the giant scoreboard, showing the hard evidence of his defeat in the 100 meters, he blamed the loss on others -- everybody pestering him with questions about doping.

His Olympic chase finished, he strode from the track staring at the board as if in disbelief that he finished seventh behind reigning gold medalist Maurice Greene.

The lighted numbers didn't lie: Greene, 9.91 seconds; Justin Gatlin, 9.92; Shawn Crawford, 9.93. Skip down a few names from those three Athens-bound runners and there was Montgomery's time: 10.13.

Imagine the quiet cheers among the folks at the U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters and the USADA. It's not often they get a chance to raise a toast to what they must suspect is poetic justice.

Outside the stadium, Montgomery brushed past reporters.

``This is the reason I didn't win: I've got y'all on my back,'' Montgomery said. ``I have to deal with y'all every day.''
Right, whatever.

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