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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Soprano's Finale
On Sunday night, I caught the final Sopranos episode this season. There is an interesting discussion over at Slate about the final episode, and here is something that I missed by one of the mob experts, Jerry Capeci:
Tony's moral dilemma over feeling guilty for his cousin's time in the slammer always seemed just a bit much to me. They never showed great affection for each other, and if Tony can murder Adriana without missing a beat, then the family cancer that Tony B. was should have been easy for him to excise. It isn't like Tony B. was a boon to the gang or to this year's plot turns. He had two moods, sullen or violent beyond obvious motivation. Besides, and I think you may have brought this up before Jeff, his death was not unexpected: Buscemi's characters always end up in the wood chipper (remember Fargo?).
This episode really did a great job of emphasizing how difficult it is to be the boss. If I were a mob guy, I would hate to be stuck as some mid-level Captain like Paulie, but being the boss apparently ain't easy.

I like the way they contrasted Tony's life and his son A.J.'s spoiled existence. Here Tony was out hoofing it home after almost getting pinched by the Feds while A.J. sits at home talking on the phone like a high school chick.

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