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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

TSA Screeners
Via Reason, this article in the Chicago Sun-times about reversing the law that federalized the airport security screener jobs. The libertarian in me says privatize everything, but come on, maybe we need to give this a little more time.

My flying experience is somewhat limited since Sept. 11, maybe a dozen flights or so since then. But I think that they seem to be a doing a pretty good job, and I just feel like they are more professional and trustworthy than the clowns I used to see at Dulles who worked for Argenbright, that gave us Sept. 11 in the first place. I agree that the TSA should work to speed things up a bit, but I don't see how privatizing this (again) would help in that area, unless you could hire more because they would be cheaper. But didn't we, or someone, decide that cheaper meant we got less skilled employees? However they do need to speed things up because the 2 hour wait in Atlanta today was inexcusable.

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