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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Low Carb Wine?
Here is a sign that the "low carb" fad is getting out of hand: low carb wine. Here is an excerpt that I agree with:
Some look askance at the idea of drinking wine by the numbers.

"For the non-generic wine market, I think it'd be a detriment. Taking wine out of its more craftsmanship positioning and putting it into the cereal category," said Erica Valentine, co-owner of the Vineyard Outlet, a Napa-based wine shop.

"You're drinking wine because of enjoyment. If you're counting calories you probably shouldn't be drinking wine," she added with a chuckle.
Something tells me the low carb phenomenon is going to have a shorter life than whatever fad preceded it. Maybe it was the low-carb Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream that my wife bought, which we threw away after eating a couple of spoonfuls. But I will agree that there is something to eating fewer carbs. I've noticed that if I just cut the amount of bread, and bread-type foods I eat in half, I usually lose weight.

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