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Friday, June 11, 2004

Bank Error
Here is a funny story about a guy who is in big trouble because he thought he thought that $60,000 had suddenly materialized in his bank account. His attorney is unconvincing:
Defense attorney Kevin Floyd said Harris mistakenly thought the money belonged to him.

"He didn't go out and take a trip to Tahiti," Floyd said Wednesday after the first day of testimony. "He paid bills and did what normal people do. He was misled by bank personnel that the money was his."
I'm pretty sure he knew exactly whose money it was and that is why he withdrew over 50 grand in one day.

This happened to me when I was about 20. I deposited a check from a summer job for about $240 and when I looked at my balance the next day it was higher than I expected. Apparently the teller must have added an extra zero, so I was up $2160! But my gains were temporary. The following day I checked my balance and it was back down to its original paltry level. But back then, I probably would have spent it if it lasted over a week or so. In my mind I thought, well, they do have a monopoly card that allows you to collect money for this sort of thing.

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