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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Stewart Trial
As I mentioned here before, Henry Blodgett is covering the Martha Stewart trial for Slate and it is apparently just starting to get interesting. Originally in my mind this was a classic tale of an average Joe (Douglas Faneuil) vs. the pretty people (Stewart and Bacanovic), but as this story has unfolded, I don't know who to believe. One thing that the defense has been playing up is that Faneuil is a admitted liar, and (gasp) a drug user. Here Blodgett talks about how the defense tries to paint Faneuil's testimony as somehow compromised:
The day began with an exploration of Faneuil's "drug use", the same drug use that, last week, in the marble hallways outside the courtroom, had morphed into a drug "problem." According to Faneuil, the "problem" amounted to taking ecstasy a few times and smoking pot once a month. The absurdity of grown men trying to imply that this practice had addled Faneuil's perceptions and/or made him so terrified of being prosecuted for illegal drug use that he would say anything to pacify the government wasn't lost on the judge. Had the jurors been present, it wouldn't have been lost on them, either.
If she's guilty, and I think she is, I want Martha Stewart to go down. From everything that I have read about her she is a bad person, and I like to think that karma will get her. But we'll see. More from Professor Bainbridge.

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