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Monday, February 09, 2004

Remember the 80s?
I went to the mall yesterday and was somewhat confused by the retro 80s preppy look that they are trying to revive. Three of the mannequins in the Polo section at Belk (a local department store) had layered shirts; you know a polo shirt with collar up, under a button down shirt. There was also a lot of this going on with the sweater wrapped around the shoulders look. And those colors are back too, pink and yellow for men. Even J.Crew was trying to sell us on argyle sweaters and pink pants. Look at this dude here with the pink shirt and green pants. That's not a look that works in my book.

I want a to start a company that makes clothes from the early 90s. I still like the stuff I have from back then and I wish I could just buy some new stuff, since my favorite things are getting threadbare.

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