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Saturday, February 07, 2004

8 Mile and Logan's Run
Forty movie channels from Adelphi and the best we could do was "8 Mile" tonight. I had always heard that this was a pretty good movie, but it just never made my list until tonight. I'm not a big rap fan, but I could always appreciate Eminem's music on a certain level. He definitely has more talent with the language than I'll ever have.

This is one movie that in the first few scenes did a great job of creating characters with depth that were likeable. It really shouldn't be all that hard to make a good movie with this formula, good characters and the classic story of a man rising above his upbringing. And it was uplifting despite the dreary setting, shot in Detroit, probably in early March from the looks of it: cold but no snow, sun doesn't make an appearance in one scene.

The movie had a good message. Here is this guy who had talent, but because he was different, he had to work that much harder to get ahead. And he had to work through his performance anxiety which was very real. He makes a conscious effort to rise above his background in every aspect of his life, through his diligence at his mundane work and his passion for his music. So in the end, it was a pretty good movie.

But not like "Logan's Run", which I also watched today. This movie is a little bit different when you watch it on the other side of 30. The "renewed" side. This is the movie where when you turn 30, you have to go to carousel to get "renewed", which doesn't really look pleasant. But some people don't really buy into the concept, so end up running when their time is up. Logan is a Sandman, and his job is to take care of these runners, but he gets sent on a mission to find some lost runners who might be at a place called Sanctuary.

Kind of a fun movie to watch from a nostalgia standpoint. (Boy, those guns they have sure are scary!) I remember seeing this movie when I was like 9, and thinking how it might make sense for 30 to be a terminal age. You know, it's really all downhill from there, so why bother, I thought. At least now, I'm reasonable sure that I was mistaken.

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