just procrastinating

Friday, October 13, 2006

Garbage Detective
A faint smell of garbage kept hitting my nose late yesterday on the couch. I suppose it's time to take out the garbage. Problem solved? No. Hmm, run the garbage disposal maybe? Nope. Alright look under the couch: no. Look under coffee table: no. Remove all couch cushions: no. Is it the cushions themselves? Have they been supersaturated in spip-up and are finally rotting? They don't smell great, but that ain't it either. Crap.

Oddly the smell is pretty localized to one part of the couch. Hmm, and right behind that spot is my backpack, which, ugh, now I remember, has the remnants of a Potbelly sub that I bought at Dulles and didn't finish on the airplane last week. Whew, major house cleaning avoided for another day.

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