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Friday, December 09, 2005

Air Marshalls
I'm not feeling too good about this guy getting shot by federal air marshalls. It a lose/lose situation. Mentally ill person acting weird on a plane, talking smack about bombs (or not?), what's an air marshall to think? He's got a job to do. Still, the Feds are using this as an example of something that was done the right way, when we know, a) this guy wasn't a terrorist, b) he didn't have a bomb, c) he is mentally ill, which his wife kept saying, and d) he is now dead. I understand that the situation was difficult, but come on, let's not call this one a win.

I listen to Laura Ingraham usually on the way home from work. She said something about this that actually got me a little outraged, so much so that I felt compelled to write her a pretty harsh email that I won't repeat, except to say that I may have let a C-word slip. Anyway, she was in full support of the air marshall, which is fine, but she seemed to be completely without any sympathy for this poor guy that got killed. She said something like "His wife said he was bi-polar...well, he's not anymore." Yeah, snicker, snicker. Real clever. Making fun of the mentally ill is pretty fun, especially when they get killed by federal agents.

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