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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Under Armour
I see in this Slate article that Under Armour is going public. Under Armour makes these awful shirts that really should only be worn by professional football players with less than 10% body fat. I've seen some clowns at my gym wearing these things, and well, can we still say stuff looks "gay" and have it mean really foolish and retarded-looking without offending people? (OK, probably not). But it does look gay.

This got me thinking about the state of athletic apparel. I guess when I grew up, "shorts" were about the same length as boxer shorts, so that if you were wearing boxer shorts, you could often see them under your shorts. (ie. Umbro circa 1989). Now "shorts", even stuff that you might work out in are at your knee. I personally think this looks silly for working out in, but I've recently succumbed to this trend because all my old "shorts" are now "threads" and I've had to adapt. What's my point? I forgot. I guess that means I'm old. At least I'm not the guy wearing dark socks and really short shorts. (Yet)

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