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Monday, September 12, 2005

Spin Doctors
Remember them? I always liked the Spin Doctors. They have 3 songs that you still hear on the radio: "Two Princes", "Little Miss Can't be Wrong" and the "Pocket Full of Krypotite" one, which I believe is also called the "Jimmy Olson Blues". All solid. I was expecting a follow-up record from those guys but they just kinda disappeared in the mid-90s. Until last night, when, for whatever reason, they were playing at the new Charlottesville pavillion for the unprincely sum of $3. 3 bucks? I'd be willing to go $16, maybe $18 to see the Spin Doctors in Charlottesville on a Sunday night.

Anyway, they sounded pretty good. The guitar player is still working some of the rust out of his solos, but for $3, who cares. They are the band's original line up, which I guess I never realized that it had changed, but a brief reading of their website tells their tale. I always kinda liked that lead singer, for no reason other that he looked like kind of a fun guy in a goofy-bearded sort of way, and you know he seemed like a good guy last night, sincerely thanking the folks for spending our Sunday evening with them. They have a new album out tomorrow and I might just get it because he asked us to.

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