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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

There have been some whispers and photos of the more recent version of Bennifer being spotted here in Charlottesville. Now the Washington Post can verify:
Why, who should happen to be pondering a move to Thomas Jefferson country but a certain square-jawed media magnet with a taste for liberal politics and millions to spend on it . . . Ben Affleck ! Star of "Gigli" and the J.Lo tab romance, now happily settled with "Alias" star Jennifer Garner .

The couple, expecting their first child, have been shopping for real estate around Charlottesville. British tabloids claim it's a done deal; we will only go so far as to report that they checked out at least one country estate a few weeks ago.

I couldn't be less impressed. Ben Affleck? If I ran into him on the street, I probably wouldn't even want to talk to him. Sure, I'd gawk, but he's not someone I'd want to meet or hang out with. He seems a bit too full of himself. I actually used to like Jennifer Garner until she got mixed up with his demon seed.

Oh well, it's probably no coincidence that since I've moved to Charlottesville it's become one of the "best places to live." Right?

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