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Monday, May 02, 2005

Runaway Bride
Take one look at that runaway bride, Jennifer Wilbanks and you can tell by those spaced-out eyes that she is clearly not attached to reality. That being said, I do kinda feel sorry for her. It's embarrasing enough that you get caught making up a ridiculous story about being abducted my a hispanic man and white woman, but to have to whole country know that you just got cold feet and couldn't deal is more than enough punishment.

I saw the DA from Duluth, GA, this morning on the Today show and he is mulling over whether she should be charged with something. He seemed decent enough, but why does someone always have to be charged with something? Jees, isn't it punishment enough to have a country full of bloggers making fun of you and your googly eyes? The police are always charging people with something. Like for example (that deer in the headlights look of Jennifer Wilbanks got me thinking of this): Say you're out driving and you see a deer and swerve to miss it, and end up losing control of your car, flipping it and landing in some cornfield on the other side of the road? The police will charge you with illegal lane change, trespassing and give you a parking ticket. Talk about kicking someone while they are down.

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