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Friday, April 15, 2005

Death Tax
I'm getting a kick out of this Matt Yglesias thread, wherein the astute Harvard grad lets the entrepreneurial world what he really thinks of them:
Speaking of which, fuck the small businessman. This is exactly the problem posed by obsessive focus on Paris Hilton. I might be an earnest, hardworking dude who works in the store. And somebody might die and give the store to me. The store may be worth millions and millions of dollars. If so, I ought to pay tax on it. Why? Because I've just inherited millions and millions of dollars, that's why.
I find Matt to be one of the more readable lefties, even though there isn't a dollar out there that he doesn't want to tax. I saw him on a blogger forum the other day on CSPAN or something like that and he was dweebier than I expected.

Insofar as I'm for any tax, I'm actually kinda OK with the idea of and estate tax, as long as you limit it to estates over $5 million or so. Mostly the idea of a permanent aristocracy kinda bugs me, but if the Paris Hilton's of the world are any indication, it probably won't be all that permanent.

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