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Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl
Wow, is it really Super Bowl XXXIX? I benchmark all of my Super Bowl's from the famous Super Bowl XX, so that's almost another full XX since then. I think I saw the Coach, the Fridge and McMahon on a stupid commercial last night.

I didn't really care who won last night and the commercials weren't so good. The best one for me was a Budweiser commercial where they showed some troops coming home in an airport and people started applauding. That got me a little choked up.

I was telling my wife that I did have something to do with the Patriot's victory. Here is the connection: Rodney Harrison's interception sealed the Patriot's win. Rodney Harrison went to my high school. It's possible that Rodney Harrison saw my interception in Sept. of 1986 vs. TF North, and decided to base his entire game off that moment. Therefore, I played a huge role in this game. See, that makes perfect sense.

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