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Friday, January 21, 2005

New Apprentice Season
I'm getting drawn into this new Apprentice season. I like the concept: Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts. They are having one team consisting of college and grad school educated folks and another with only high school grads who have become successful. According to Trump both teams have the same IQ (not sure how they know that) and the high school team's net worth is 3x that of the more educated.

I'm interested in seeing how this will play out. I am rooting for the high school team, since I question the value of an education in business. Education has it's place, but if you are smart, inquisitive and learn at work, do you really need to spend all that time in the classroom? I know it is required for many jobs, but why?

In this episode, Trump had the teams market and sell an new sandwich at Burger King. I have some experience here, having spent a month in 1987 working behind the counter for $3.35 an hour. Anyway, the high school team (Net Worth) ended up putting together a much better marketing plan and won. The college team (Magna)had Todd as project manager, and a goofy marketing guy, Danny, who should have been fired. But this is TV and they'll need him around for a few more weeks to keep things lively, so they fired Todd.

I thought I was too old to be on the Apprentice, but this cast has some people that need to be thinking about retirement planning, not being an apprentice.

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