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Friday, January 14, 2005

Celebrity Sighting
I'm obviously hanging with the "in crowd" here in Charlottesville, because tonight at about 7:30PM the place to be was in the cereal isle at the Giant. That's where I was, along with Sissy Spacek and her husband. We were checking out the special on Frosted Mini-Wheats (a two for one deal). She's shorter than you'd think, and looks pretty cute for a 55-year old. She seemed nice actually, and smiled at me.

There are more than a few local celebrities that live here year round: Sissy Spacek, John Grisham, Howie Long, Tim Reid (aka Venus Flytrap of WKRP fame), Mary Chapin-Carpenter, and also Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange used to live here and occasionally are spotted. There are some others: The Dave Matthews Band was started here and they appear every now and then, and were my last brush with fame.

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