just procrastinating

Friday, January 07, 2005

It's my first blogiversary today. Has it really been a whole year? Christ, it feels like I've been at this thing forever. The daily hassle of trying to come up with something interesting or funny mostly for my own personal enjoyment can weigh heavily on you at times. I had intended to retire on my blogiversary. Now that everyone and their pet has a blog, I sort figured, what's the point? But I'm kinda in an "up mode" for blogging, and I decided that even if no one reads this, it's still a worthwhile endeavor, at least for now.

In some ways now I think everyone should have a blog, if only to add something to the searchable online world. Most of it is just the same redundant mundane crap, but everyone occasionally has something to say that is worthwhile. I don't know how long these words will last, but who knows? A hundred years from now someone might find something that I wrote and say, "Interesting. I too have made a New Years resolution to get new pants. We are like brothers."

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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