just procrastinating

Monday, January 03, 2005

I'm still finalizing my New Year's Resolutions for 2005, but here are a few that I'm ready to put in stone:
1) Keep my car clean (interior)- My car is a disgusting: coffee stains, garbage, dirt, dog hair, dog puke. It is an incredibly unhealthy environment and it should be condemned. My wife's is that way too, so we made a joint resolution.

2) Get some nicer pants - We are business casual here, but it is clear that the Director level and above folks aren't wearing khaki's like me. Perhaps a compromise is Banana's dress chinos?

3) Eat better, and get back to 170 and stay there. My clothes fit better at 170 and I can start wearing my favorite T-shirt again. So that's 5 lbs. that I need lose, which I will accomplish by eating better. No more getting 25% of my daily calories through some kind cheeto-type product.
There are probably some other ones too, but those I always break so they are not worth mentioning.

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