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Friday, December 17, 2004

Apprentice Finale
I cringed at the throught of sitting through 3 hours of the Apprentice 2 Final Show, but I managed to watch most of it. The result, as I'm sure anyone who cares knows: Kelly (who is a dude) wins!

For awhile there, I thought the editors were tricking us the whole season into thinking that Kelly was going to win, only to pull a fast one on us and reveal that Kelly wasn't so competent. After the initial poll of the live audience where Kelly got all but one of the votes from the crowd, I thought he was a shoo-in. But in the final board meeting Trump dressed Kelly down a little and did a bit of a head fake with Jennifer so I thought he was going to give it her, but turns out, he fired her.

I got a real problem with that Jennifer Massey, such that I would have had to withdraw my support of the show if she won this. I think she lied a few times in the boardroom and is so abrasive and confrontational that I would just hate to work with her. And, as I said before, she really isn't that pretty, but it needs to be said: She looks pretty darn good everywhere else.

The one thing about Kelly that bugged me is when Jennifer confronted him about talking behind her back she said something like, "Be a man", to which Kelly just kind of sulked. He should snapped back and said, "like you?"

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