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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Five People
I got roped into that The Five People You Meet in Heaven last night. I didn't read the book by Mitch Albom, but I read his Tuesday's with Morrie, so I figured it would more of the same maudlin, meaning of life kind of stuff, and it delivered on that. But the movie could have been better. Jon Voight wasn't very likeable as Eddie and this movie should have been about 30 minutes shorter.

Michael Imperioli (Christopher on the Sopranos) is in this, and I have to admit that he is a pretty good actor. When he was cast on the Sopranos I thought he was a horrible choice. I mean, after all, look how long he lasted in Goodfellas. Remember that he played Spider and ended up getting shot in the foot by Joe Pesci, and then ultimately killed by him because he couldn't control his mouth. How could he be a good mob character? But I guess I was wrong on that.

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