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Friday, December 10, 2004

Apprentice Update
These Apprentice candidates are lightweights, that's for sure. Kevin and Sandy were justifiably fired and leaves Kelly (who is a dude), who should win, and the annoying Jennifer. Man, that Jen just can't win, it wouldn't be right. She is awful and she really isn't that pretty.

On last night's episode, she and Sandy were battling it out in the boardroom, with Sandy, the entrepreneur, saying that Jen wasn't a risk taker. Jen's reply was so typically Ivy League and condescending. She said that she took a risk by moving out to San Francisco which was a very competitive legal market. OK, Jen. You went to Princeton and then to Harvard Law School and then you became an Associate in a law firm. That is just the typical progression of an Ivy League educated professional. I consider that mundane and risk-free for someone with her background. That's just what people like her do. So STFU and get fired next week.

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