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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Businesspundit Outed
The Businesspundit finally outed himself as Rob May, co-owner of Velocity Sports Performance in Louisville. Velocity Sports isn't just an everday fitness center, it is geared towards younger atheletes. Here is how Rob's partner describes the business:
"Our core market is the 8- to 18-year-olds, teaching them safe, effective ways of training, so they can learn "mechanically" how to run correctly, (thereby) reducing the risk of injury and improving their performance," Sherman said.
I've noticed these "sports performance" type training around the gym more and more. At the gym I have been going to recently, I often see slightly awkward-looking kids with professional trainers doing all kinds of speed and agility drills. It looks kind of fun to me. I think it is just a sign of how rich we have become as a society and the lengths that parents will go to give their kids an extra edge. It's similar to how parents are dropping a couple grand (or more) on these SAT classes that the kids take now.

Update: Oddly, he has taken the original post down, so maybe I was just imagining this. I don't know why I would though.

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