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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Google Searches
Via Newmark's Door, here is an article that talks about employers googling potential employees when making hiring decisions:
But such searches can be a land mine for job-seekers. There's a bevy of information on the Internet, including things you may not realize are out there. Searches can turn up everything from personal Web sites and blogs to old company newsletters to articles you wrote for your college newspaper. "It's almost like a shadow résumé you haven't exactly made but it's following you around," says Pam Dixon, director of the World Privacy Forum, which studies workplace privacy issues. She says some of the worst problems for job-hunters arise when people fire off angry or vulgar e-mails that find their way onto the Internet. "Most Google damage is self-inflicted," Ms. Dixon says.
I've known about this for awhile and made this blog semi-anonymous for that reason, mostly because I have a name that is relatively unique, shared by one other person who must be in Wisconsin. I did originally hide my name inside this blog so that if anyone googled me I would know by the referrer logs, but I decided to get rid of that when I was interviewed for my current position.

There are still a bunch of articles that I wrote for my business school newspaper several years back that are easily obtained by a quick google of my name, but there's nothing really interesting there.

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