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Monday, September 06, 2004

One Born Every Minute
I'm a sucker for infomercials. If I happen to land on a channel and Ron Ponpeil is making beef jerky with his food dehydrator, or painting his head with the GLH formula number 9 system, I'm can't bring myself to change the channel.

Anyway, I'd been meaning to pick up the As Seen on TV Micro Touch men's personal groomer for some time now, and I happened upon it today at Walgreens for the can't pass up price of 10 bucks. Because it has an attachment, it is ideal for those unruly eyebrows. BTW, what the hell happened to my eyebrows? Over the past 8 years or so my formerly thick, silky eyebrows have grown fewer, coarser and many of them would grow indefinitely long now if I didn't catch them in time. But, anyway, great for that, no so great for nose hair, mostly because it's hard to maneuver in there. I'd be surprised if my friend Geof doesn't already have this.

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