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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Da Vinci Code
So I finally got around to reading that Da Vinci Code book that I got for Christmas. Due to my limited attention span, I'm not much for all that book readin', but since I was on vacation I decided to tackle this one.

It was definitely very readable and held my attention, but I think the story was kind of hokey at times. My problem with it mostly is that I find it extremely unlikely that while Sauniere was dying from a bullet wound to the stomach, he would be running around putting all these clues in place so that his granddaughter would be able to figure it out. I mean maybe one or two little clues maybe, but that was pretty ambitious for a dying man. With all that activity, you would think that maybe he could have gotten a hold of the paramedics and saved himself.

But once I decided to suspend disbelief for that, I thought it was a good story. Although I will say that with most books that I like, I usually leave with vicarious daydreams about what it would be like to be in the characters shoes: you know, wonder if maybe I should be an archaeologist, or lawyer, or something. But with this, I just couldn't make myself be interested in a symbologist, or whatever it was Langdon did.

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