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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Celebrity Sighting
Well sort of. The gas station that is closest to my house has a coffee bar in it, Mudhouse, which is a pretty decent local store that has a handful of locations here in Charlottesville. So yesterday I go there and see a pretty sweet fat cat-lookin' Mercedes parked out front, and as I enter I held the door open for a well dressed black guy who was on his way out. When he left, the girl at the counter said to me. "That was Boyd Tinsley!"

That name sounded familiar to me, but I had to ask, "Who?"

"From the Dave Matthews Band".

"Oh, OK, the violin guy. Got it."

The Dave Matthews Band got its start here in Charlottesville and it was a sad day for the locals here when Dave moved out to Seattle because his wife was in grad school there. I'm not sure if Boyd lives here either now, but he was in town for a local tennis tournament at the Boars Head Inn.

Anyway that was a pretty weak celebrity sighting, but this is a small town. I do better at airports: I saw Klinger (Jamie Farr) a few years ago at the airport in Charlotte, NC and Jerry Springer (who is taller than you'd think) at O'Hare a couple years ago. But those are pretty weak as well.

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