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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I wanted to like a movie like Sahara, but it just didn't happen. I sort of wanted to see this in the theater, hearing that it was an Indiana Jones-type movie, but am happy to have saved the $8 or so.

Matthew McConaughey's character (Dirk Pitt) is intense, annoying, and unlike Indiana Jones, someone who you really can't connect with. Penalope Cruz sure is purty, but clearly can't act. She speaks with an accent that sounds cute, but that doesn't work for the whole movie. Steve Zahn does an OK job of playing the buddy character, but he isn't quite believable.

It is a burden to follow the plot because the movie kind of loses you early on. I found myself staring at the leaves outside and wondered if the were about to fall. My advice: if you are going to make a boring movie, keep the story simple.

We bought this off Pay Per View and DVR'd it and watched over 3 days, almost as an obligation to make up for the $3.95 (which as a cable company employee only costs me $2.50!), so this one might not be worth the effort.

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