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Friday, May 07, 2004

Next Time Read the Whole Ad
I drove 60 miles in to Richmond today for an interview with a headhunter, or at least that is what I thought I was doing. Had I bothered to do even a minute of research I would have learned otherwise. I meant to, in fact, but I was pressed for time this morning because I needed to run on the treadmill and then clean the house because we had some people coming to look at it today. I missed a few tell-tales signs: The day I sent them a resume, they called back immediately and wanted to schedule some time to talk. They were overly friendly, very positive and flexible. I should have known I was being sold to.

Anyway, I walk in and about 8 minutes into the one hour interview, I realize that this Bernard Haldane and Associates is a career marketing shop, where I am supposed to pay them a fee for their "services". About half-way through the interviewer asked me, "are you comfortable?"

"Sure, why?" I lied.

"Because you are very fidgety, you must have some nervous energy. Do you know that you fidget?"


I wasn't even listening to what she was saying, I was thinking about how the heck I was gonna get out of there, or explain to them that I made a mistake and didn't want to be there. Still, it was a good practice interview for which I did no preparation, and it went OK.

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